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>"The PDP-6 in question is coming back to the History
>Center by December 20 (this year) as part of a.donation by Compaq
>which is clearing out a little-known warehouse TCM used for deep storage."
>Do you happen to know if any documentation or software was stored there?
>There was just a discussion on alt.sys.pdp10 that it appears that all of
>DEC's PDP-10 software archives disappeared, and I'm hoping they MAY have
>ended up there, maybe other software as well (people were unable to locate
>18 bit software, for example).

I don't know about the History Center's software archives - I would
imagine they've got loads of tapes and packs, but no equipment nor
time to use them - but very shortly (as in the next week or two) there
will be a public archive available with TOPS-10 distribution tape images,
sources, build kits, etc. Total quantity of stuff (at the moment) is
in the few hundred megabyte range, and will likely grow a bit by
announcement time. Keep your ears peeled to alt.sys.pdp10 for details.

There will be about 200-300 Megabytes of PDP-10 (TOPS-10 and TOPS-20)
DECUS freeware, too.

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