PDP-10 Software Archive

From: Seth <sethm_at_loomcom.com>
Date: Thu Nov 25 13:03:41 1999

> [...] but very shortly (as in the next week or two) there
> will be a public archive available with TOPS-10 distribution tape images,
> sources, build kits, etc. Total quantity of stuff (at the moment) is
> in the few hundred megabyte range, and will likely grow a bit by
> announcement time. Keep your ears peeled to alt.sys.pdp10 for details.
> There will be about 200-300 Megabytes of PDP-10 (TOPS-10 and TOPS-20)
> DECUS freeware, too.

Tim, you RULE!

(and/or whoever's making the archive available, too!)

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