Highlights from our exhibit area

From: Dag Spicer <spicer_at_computerhistory.org>
Date: Thu Nov 25 22:44:09 1999

I thought the list might appreciate a few highlights from our exhibit area.
 For the past several years, the History Center has been working with KRON
Television (San Jose) journalist Stan Bunger to produce short computer
history segments for television. Twenty-five of these are available
on-line as streaming videos at the following location:

We hope to have a QTVR tour of our entire exhibit area (which has just
doubled) sometime next year so that anyone the world over can "visit" the
Center without leaving their chair! The new area will feature a special
section on DEC computer history, microcomputers, and the Internet
(including the fabled Internet Van, parked right in the exhibit area!)
while the exisiting space is being re-configured to showcase punch card
machines, mechanical calcualtors, machines from the vacuum tube and
transistor eras, and supercomputers. Anyone interested in helping out with
the digitizing of our exhibits, please drop me a line--you do not
necessarily have to be in the Bay Area!

Hope you enjoy the highlights.

Best wishes,


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