Need help, and I screwed up with my post

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 22:50:39 1999

I should read all the posts next time... I was thinking Intel 8251's...
<smack> However, if there is interest I could make a list of all my extra
IC's... some are pretty dang old. I also have all the schematics, software,
etc. for the Nova 1210. However, I need help with mine... I plugged it in
after reassembly and it works, but I quickly turned the key to off and
unplugged it cuz I noticed smoke coming from one of the capacitors on the
back of the backplane.. I either plugged the power connectors in backwards
or the supply is faulty, any ideas on how to diagnose this? I have the
schematics but they show a totally different supply than what is in the
machine... I got the Nova from a guy I met through Usenet. He said he had a
microVAX 3100 and a VAXstation 3100 for me, if I would go get them, as well
as a VMS gray wall. So I went up and got the stuff, and while I was loading
it we started talking... he mentioned he still had his first computer, a
Nova 1210, up in his attic... so we went up and dug it out and he said it
wouldn't boot... opened it up and the PSU was loose inside, bending the
boards. He then said i could have it if I wanted it, but he didn't think I'd
want it because it didn't boot. So I carried it down and put in the car,
with the board all out of it in antistat bags. It has 8K of core! Woohoo!
Anyways, I happened to notice a bunch of manuals and some binders marked
"Cray Research" in the trash area... I asked and he said they were mine if I
wanted them... So I got an orange wall also.. as well as gems like VAX-11
FORTRAN and a complete UNICOS manual set for the Cray Y-MP/216. I also have
VAX-11 C on 9 track. Unfortunately, he said I should have met him earlier,
since he had already taken a microVAX I to the dump.. I did get three random
Qbus boards though. Then he said his son down the street has some PDP-11's I
can have.. so I need to go back.. I still haven't gotten the Teletype
either... Also I have found a source of PDP-8 boards, don't know how many or
what they are but I can get them Sunday...

Will J

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