DG house numbered part xref/help with what *looks* like a mux...

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Date: Sat Nov 27 11:18:54 1999

>I was wondering if anyone has a DG house number to generic
>part cross reference somewhere (if not I suppose I'll start one).

Actually, yes, there is such a reference. It's a few hundred pages, and
has pinouts for many "custom" DG chips. My copy is out on permanent
loan, but if you get me the house number on the chip I'll have the
current holder look it up for you.

>Pat of this is prompted by a part (not *yet* suspect) I ran
>across on a Nova 800 CPU1 board. From the prints it looks
>like it's a a quad 2-input mux like a 74158, but the
>pinouts are completely different and it's got wired-or
>outputs suggesting OC outputs. Select and enable are on
>9 and 7 (I may have those switched); 1 = i0a, 2 = i0b,
>3 = ya, 4 = yb, 5 = i1b, 6= i1a, 10 = i2a, 11 = i2b,
>12 = yc, 13 = yd, 15 = i3a, 14 = i3b
>Of course, that's just the way it's drawn. It could be somewhat
>different :-)
>Does this part sound familiar to anyone?

Um, what *is* the DG house number on this chip?

If you had a time machine you could go back 20 years and buy a bunch
of rejected versions of this chip, complete with DG house number, from
Poly-Paks, I bet :-).

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