PDP11 spotted today in Sunnyvale CA for SALE

From: Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com>
Date: Sat Nov 27 11:21:30 1999

">Weird Stuff Warehouse still exists???

        Indeed they do. They're one of my regular annual scrounge-stops.

        They've long since moved from their original location across from Fly's,
but they're still there.

A bit of history..

Many years ago, Richard Anderson (currently RA Enterprises) met an engineer
that was just left Shugart named Chuck Schuetz and started Weird Stuff in
Milpitas (next to Atari Games). It was an amazing place, problem is they
wanted too much for most of the stuff, and it ended up getting sold for metal
scrap after sitting around for months. The city was hassling them for running
a retail operation in the area, so they did a HUGE downsizing, moved some stuff
to a small warehouse in Sunnyvale, and set up shop at the place on Laurence Expr.

Richard got out of the partnership around the time they moved, and started another
place called A-Z Electronics on Bascom with Lila Zinter, who mostly deals in office
stuff. A-Z moved to Milpitas into the same building that eventually became Surplus
Stuff (Curtis Trading, mostly different folks except for Ron, the tech who used to
work at Weird Stuff). Richard started a different place, called RA Enterprises,
which was on De La Cruz Blvd in Santa Clara until a year ago, when it moved to
Walsh (about a mile away). Latest word is Richard has sold the place to some folks
working for him, and is going to retire (well, he says he's just going to broker
test equipment now..) after doing this for over 25 years.

..oh, almost forgot about the little place Richard used to have in San Jose when
he met Chuck...

There are lots of little stories like this in the valley..
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