GRiDcase batteries

From: jean somerhausen <>
Date: Fri Nov 26 19:58:24 1999

I don't know if this has been already mentioned on this thread, since I
have just discovered this site, but I operate my 1520 from a 12 V
on my sailboat without any apparent problem. I've used it mainly to get
radio weatherfaxes. I just bought a 22 mm female plug from Radio Shack,
wired it to the 12 V power supply and stuck it into the jack on the back
of the GRiD (next to the battery pack).
One trhing that bothers me when receiving faxes is the screen going dark
after a fes seconds. Anybody knows how to disable this battery-saving
function ? (which I don't need since the 1520 consumes only 1 Ah, which
is peanuts for a 100 A deep cycle battery).
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