PDP11 spotted today in Sunnyvale CA for SALE

From: Nick Oliviero <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Sat Nov 27 20:43:57 1999

Al Kossow wrote:

> ">Weird Stuff Warehouse still exists???
> Indeed they do. They're one of my regular annual scrounge-stops.
> They've long since moved from their original location across from Fly's,
> but they're still there.
> "

Also one of my favorite haunts, but as I learned on my last trip out there, most of the
DEC stuff they get in never hits the showroom floor. They have a list of locals they
call who then get first shot at these. Anything that finds its way onto the floor is
what these folks don't want. This I was told by the guys working the back room. They
are still a great source for older accessories and other oddball obsolete parts.
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