hey, have old computer stuff for sale, have to make some room here

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Date: Sat Nov 27 21:12:28 1999

Hey all, I have a bunch of old comptuer stuff that I need to move to make
room here in the apartment...argh....I have some up for auction on EBAY, you
can look at those auctions if you wish at:


Here is the other stuff I have here at the house, not yet up for auction.
Please let me know if any of you are interested.

Here is the stuff that I have, sorry, its in no particular order, and also it
is just one item unless otherwise specified. All this stuff is untested as
of yet, so if you are interested in anything here, I will test it for you if
I can :-) Also any drives listed, except Amdek, are the big 5.25...the
Amdeks are a weird size drive, like takes 3 in disks or something. Another
thing, these are in order by what box I put them in...lol...it was a quick
easy filing system...had to get the stuff sorted as best I could.

Box 1

Intellivision II
Atari 800
3 Atari 825
4 Unknown Floppy Disk Drives
U-SCI Drive
Rana Systems 1000 Drive
Mirco Stuffer Printer Buffer
Amdesk III unit, has no drives in it.
4 Atari 1020
Joystick controller thingy, its a Wico Command Control
Tandy Joystick
2 Printer replacement parts, I think for the small Atari printer...these are
metal bar looking things
Atari 822
Atari 1027

Box 2

Atari 1029
Atari 820
2 Atari 65 XE
Atari 800 XL (says 256k Rambo EX on a home made label on it...an upgrade
Atari 835
2 Big Blue Printers
Percom Data Drive
Epson Letter Jet Printer
Amdek Amdisk III Dual Floppy
Atari 1050
Alphacom Printer
Atari 825
Atari CX85 Keypad

Box 3

Atari 810
Amdek Amdisk III, no drives in it
Universal Data Systems Model 212LP
Atari 1027
4 Atari 1020
Percom Data Drive
Unknown Dual Floppy
Atari 800
2 Motherboards, I think...not sure what they go to...one is huge, the other
is small.
Power Supply, I think....its a board type thingy..dunno
Replacement Keyboards: 2 510 ASCII, 6 other Various ones, Atari maybe? Some
still in shrinkwrap.

Box 4

TRS 80 Disk Video Interface
Commodore 128
Radio Shack TRS 80 Color Computer 2
Atari Portfolio Boxed Smart Parallell Interface Model HPC-101. Box is rough,
but all looks to be there
Casadapter - Casette interface for all Atari computers (or so it says)
De Re Atari Anno Domini MCMLXXXI: A Guide to effective programming for
Atari 400-800 computers
Boxed Star Raiders w/touchpad, for Atari 2600
Madness & the Minotaur TRS-80 Casette
2 Atari joystick sketchpad casette programs, casette only
16k Ram Board, Atari? not sure
Parallell Printer Cable for Atari 850 Boxed, but box is rough
Boxed Rampage (rough) 3.5 disk
2 Ribbons for Diablo Hytype II Daisywheel Printer
TI 99 Speech Synthesizer
NCR Keyboard
Apricot Keyboard (looks like its remote controlled even, has a place for
ApricotF2 Dual Disk drive, this is the system unit maybe? I am not sure
Riteman LQ Printer
CypherBowl Atari 16K casette game in Box, looks to be completel
Book: Writing in the Computer age, 1983
Plotter Pens, Injector ink, various
24 Unknown casettes
Spectra Strip Ribbon Cable (small box, but heavy as heck! Did they make
these out of lead or something?! lol)
Atari Personal Financial Management System Manual ( its Heavy also)
20+ Casette tapes, Some from Magatari Magazine, dunno about the others tho,
but there are programs on one side of them according to the labels...they say
Issue 44 or whatever number on the other side..I am thinking they are maybe
all Magatari Magazine issues on casette, maybe they just got fancy with the
labels in the later years..I think that there are Magatari casettes 1-12 in
here, plus the others.
Book-Executive Computing

Loose stuff

Boxed Riteman LQ Printer, looks new
Boxed Alphacom 81 80 Column Printer, Also looks good.

I also have various monitors, but dont have them stored here though...as soon
as I can get to where they are I will get the info on them...I think 2 are
Tandy monitors. Also, I have 2 fax machines, and a really really HUGE dot
matrix printer stored with the monitors...I will go through and catalog that
stuff as soon as I can.

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