PDP-11 Processor Handbook?

From: Kevin McQuiggin <mcquiggi_at_sfu.ca>
Date: Sun Nov 28 19:42:34 1999

Hi Brian:

At 06:49 PM 11/28/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I think it's great what you're doing -- digitizing PDP-8 docs for public
>use, however my main interest is the PDP-11, so I was wondering if you
>have a PDP-11 Processor Handbook (preferably one that relates to the
>PDP-11/45) that you plan on digitizing? Thanks.

Thanks! Credit for the scanning goes to others, I just manitain the web site.

I don't have anything on the pdp-11 in electronic form. Rich Cini
specializes in pdp-11 stuff, he has an account on highgate too. See
http://highgate.comm.sfu.ca/~rcini to see what he currently has online.

I've cc-ed him on this message so you can talk directly if necessary. You
could also ask on the classiccmp list: classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu, or on
the pdp-11 list: info-pdp11_at_village.org

List folks: can anybody help this fellow with an electronic format
processor handbook?

Good luck,



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