IBM P70-386 portable machines

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 00:05:12 1999

I took out my pair of these tonight to see what level of functionality
they're in. One of them gives a "dead HD" error on bootup (see which was
confirmed by downloading the boot/diagnostics disk and firing it up with
that (see for
disks, if you've got a PS/2 that needs them). Turns out one of these also
has the 300/1200/2400 modem and the PS/2 (MCA-bus, woah, in a portable!)
SCSI card w/cache (its got two SIMM sticking on it, even).

Right now I cant figure out how to get the HD out of the machine so I
can swap it with the one from the other box (or possibly replace it
with another IBM drive, these look to be the proprietaary PS/2 card-edge-
connector HDs).

Anybody got one or more of these machines that they'd like to "dispose"
of, if I pay shipping? I love the red plasma display, and plan to use
this box (if I can get it fully working with a HD) on my packet radio

I've got this other semi-DOA (no screen display, no beeps, but power lights)
70-386, and in the garage somewhere, a complete (no manuals, but it boots and
works, and has the I/O expansion "slice") IBM PC Convertible laptop, with
power supply in IBm canvase carrying case, if anybody's interested and wants
to swap something for them.

I've also got this MCA-bus SCSI controller card w/cache, if that would prove
useful to anyone... (I cant use it, it has the funky IBM-proprietary external
SCSI connector on back).

Bill (man, plasma displays are wonderful, wish I could find more machines
      that used them.. I've already got a couple of Toshiba 3x00 laptops that
        i use as VT100 terminals; anybody else know of portable machines that
      used similar displays?)

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