IBM P70-386 portable machines

From: Bill Bradford <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 00:44:43 1999

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 12:05:12AM -0600, Bill Bradford wrote:
> I took out my pair of these tonight to see what level of functionality
> they're in. One of them gives a "dead HD" error on bootup (see
> which was
> confirmed by downloading the boot/diagnostics disk and firing it up with
> that (see for
> disks, if you've got a PS/2 that needs them). Turns out one of these also
> has the 300/1200/2400 modem and the PS/2 (MCA-bus, woah, in a portable!)
> SCSI card w/cache (its got two SIMM sticking on it, even).
> Right now I cant figure out how to get the HD out of the machine so I
> can swap it with the one from the other box (or possibly replace it
> with another IBM drive, these look to be the proprietaary PS/2 card-edge-
> connector HDs).

Well, I got the HD out of the first machine (WD-160S ESDI 160mb), and replaced
it with the HD out of the second machine (120mb ESDI). Turned the machine on,
got keyboard light, power light, then the box turned itself off and wont
come back on. I also yanked the modem and SCSI cards when I was working on
the HD - would this be likely to cause a "self shutdown"? I've seen similar
in MCA-bus RS/6000 boxes when cards werent seated correctly, etc.

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