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From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Mon Nov 29 12:16:05 1999

On Mon, Nov 29, 1999 at 09:55:18AM -0800, Marvin wrote:
> While I was back in Pittsburgh, PA this past week, I stopped by the Goodwill
> Computer Store in Southside on Carson St. They had quite a bit of older
> computer stuff and the prices were rather reasonable. I found it a bit
> distressing to hear that they were turning away old computers since there
> was no market for them. This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone in
> that area to touch base with the people there and see what could be done to
> save some of this stuff from the dumpster. While there, I picked up an Atari
> 800XL, Adam software, C-64 stuff, Apple manuals, etc. While some of this
> stuff is relatively common, I can only think of the stuff that has been
> thrown away for lack of a market. As I said, wonderfull opportunity there
> for someone willing to cultivate the people there!

Its good to see that there's more than one Goodwill Computer Store (its
called "Goodwill ComputerWorks" here in Austin). You might check with
your store - at least the one locally has a "wish list" that they keep
for non-PC/Mac stuff (if they get something in, they call you) - and they
dont discard ANYTHING here - if its not "sellable" in the store, they
have auctions once a week and sell off the rest by the pallet-load.

They've got some clueful people working at the local shop - they've got
a rather nice "Classic Computers" display setup (everything from an Appple
II to a Kaypro, a GRiD laptop,a PET, etc), and a good selection of various
networking hardware (man, if I used ARCnet, I could have all the network
hardware I ever needed..).

Right now, they've even got a semi-complete AT&T 3B1 (aka "UNIX PC")
on display for sale (along with most of a 2nd unit). Last week, they
sold a complete (with manuals, scrapbook of advertisements/newspaper
clipps, etc) IBM PC setup with monochrome monitor, and a month ago,
they had a FULLY complete TRS-80 Model 1 system.

Best haul I've made there so far was an IBM RS/6000 model 320H complete
with 32mb RAM/color video/400mb HD for $25. 8-)


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