The good old days of tape players

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 13:04:41 1999


My very first computer was a TI99/4A which I still have. I was in junior high at that time. I couldnt
afford to get the disk drive cage as it was more expensive than the computer! Also, single-sided floppy
disks were expensive. I remember we used to get double sided floppies and use a hole puncher to punch a
similar hole on the left side of the disk and flip it around to use it on the old single-sided floppy
drives. A friend of mine, who was an electrical engineer, also bought the TI at the same time I did.
Instead of spending some $30-$40 for an interface cable to hook up a tape player to the TI, he fashioned
himself his own and built one for me as well. I used my old tape player that had a counter on it to
record games and stuff that I typed up from Compute magazine (anyone remember). I used to spend days
typing the stuff to get it working. Those were the days and I kind of miss it. Those golden days were
great. That got me to think if there was a way to hook up a tape player (cassette) to an IBMPC to
mimick it. Has anyone tried this.....


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