Amstrad CPC 6128 Floppy problem

From: Peter Joules <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 15:16:43 1999

In article <m11sW4L-000IyNC_at_p850ug1>, Tony Duell
<> writes
>These drives are well-known for suffering from drive belt problems, which
>of course results in the motor spinning but the disk not turning. Could
>that be the problem with your drive?

Thanks Tony, I will put a bit of paint on the motor spindle to see if
that is moving.

>If you do take the drive to bits, be careful as there's a tiny pin as
>part of the WProt sensor that falls out and gets lost!

I will look out for that.

As a point of interest, are these the same drives which are used in
either the PCW8256 or the PCW9512? IIRC one is single sided and the
other double.
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