trancor northern, oscilloscopes

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Mon Nov 29 15:25:25 1999

I just saw some rack mounted oscilloscopes out on the loading dock. They are
manufactured by trancor northern, and have a quad height slot available from
the rear of the unit (no cover for the slot). It has a dual height LSI11
cpu board (DEC), and another dual height board installed(DEC). The second
unit is the same, except the second card has generic white handles.

Does anyone know about these things? one rack has two of these, and
under them is a dual 8" floppy drive unit, that has a small ribbon
connector that connects to something via a 25 pin rs-232 connector.

There are various oscilloscope probes there as well, with BNC style
connectors to connect to the oscilloscope. I didnt count, but i'd say
roughly a dozen probes mounted on the outside of the rack on some
custom made holder.

-Lawrence LeMay
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