Unkonwn QBus card... anybody know what this is?

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Date: Mon Nov 29 19:18:42 1999

>Hi, all! I recently purchased a large batch of old QBus cards to expand
>some of the systems in my collection, and one of the cards in the batch
>is rather unknown to me... I know its some kind of disk controller,
>guessing MSCP ST-506 but I'm wondering if its SCSI because i'm seeing
>some resistor packs on the board that could be terminating resistors,
>I suppose... anyways, here's the information:
>(Label on top of large 48 pin IC)
> "TD Systems Inc.
> Lowell, MA - USA
> VIK/QDT #2111"
>(Label on 28 pin ROM)
> "Viking
> Q/B A4.0"

It's a Viking QDT, a Q-bus host adapter for SCSI disks and tapes. (That's
what the "DT" in QDT means.)

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