Needed: 1 IBM 8" alignment disk.

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Date: Mon Nov 29 19:24:37 1999

> Try formatting the disk. If you still can't read
>back, an alignment disk won't help.

I'd be willing to bet that the Sykes hardware in question isn't
capable of formatting a raw 8" floppy. Remember, we're talking large
boards packed full of SSI TTL here, and the formatting functionality
usually wasn't present. (Besides, at the time all 8" floppies came

> Check that the head(s)
>are clean and, if single sided, that the pressure pad is not
>tilted. It is rare that the alignment is off unless someone
>fiddled with it.

100% true. Unless it's been physically abused or someone decided they
needed to "tweak" the alignment, it's probably right where it should be.

And the advice to check the pressure pad is right on the money, too!

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