new computers... Finally!

From: John Rollins <>
Date: Thu Sep 2 21:13:32 1999

Been a little while since I got a "new" computer. One of the neighbors was
getting rid of some stuff from their basement, which included two
computers. Luckily they now I'm a computer freak and told me I could have
whatever I wanted. So, now I have an Amiga 500 with p/s, A520 video adaptor
and what looks like a printer cable. No disks :-(, but it did have the
original box(wow! a 7MHz 68000 and 512K RAM!!!). Also got a C64 with 1541
drive, two joysticks and probably 50-70 disks(haven't gotten around to
counting. But hey, Pac-Man is in there!). The C64 seems to be working just
fine(not sure about the drive yet), but the Amiga isn't. When I finally
figured out how the A520 worked, all I could get on my Apple composite
monitor was a green screen with a blank area at the top(looked kinfa like
the video is off a bit inside the monitor, which is partially true but it's
not THAT bad... just some hidden text on the edge usually) which blinks
maybe every 10-15 seconds or so. No sounds, no text, not really any video
at all. The power light is kinda flashing, maybe once every second or
two(haven't timed it yet). Any ideas on what's wrong? I'll hold off on the
how do I use it questions until after I finish raiding the local library of
the computer books, but feel free to send me any tips and tricks for these

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