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From: Don Maslin <donm_at_cts.com>
Date: Wed Sep 8 14:35:04 1999

On Wed, 8 Sep 1999 allisonp_at_world.std.com wrote:

> > After the KayPro 2x in the line came the Kaypro 4-84 with the 300 Bd modem
> These seemed to be the most common. However when ever asked my KayproII
> is an oddball. Apparently there lots of mods as mine has 2mb ramdisk,
> handyman roms and advent turborom plus the fron pannel from everyone I"ve
> spoken to is two HH drives vertical and acoording to some they should be
> horizontal. then the PC card is definately 4/84 but no modem or host
> interface, go figure. Runs good and with the tubrorom and the advent
> personality card inplace I have three drives, one 3.5" pulled from a ps2
> internally, one 3.5" on the front pannel next to the native 360k
> 5.25" drive. The 3.5" drives using turborom get me 781k per drive and
> that's pretty roomy for CPM.

It is an oddball, Allison. IIRC, the Kaycomp - the prototype - had
vertically oriented drives, but I'm sure they were full high. Also, the
early IIs had a fixed power cord rather than the separate item that is now
essentially generic.

                                                 - don
> > Next came the KayPro 10 with a 10 Mb hard drive that I couldn't fathom
> > anybody needing in 1984. Besides, a Kaypro 10 set you back almost $2800,
> > most of that increase was for that hard drive.
> By then my s100 crate was up to a pair of them! I have to agree I never
> figured I'd fill them but having everything on line was very handy.
> > I think the KayPro's were attractive to people like me as they came with all
> > the operating software you needed. It was all in one box that was real easy
> > to set up, and it worked. The price seemed cheap compared to what you got
> > with the IBM's and Apples.
> I got mine from the original owner with the printer and a full box of
> disks and manuals most original with the machine.
> > were still KayPro dealers selling the cp/m KayPro's in small town America.
> > They had dissapeared off the shelves in Los Angeles long before then.
> I've seen them in active use thorugh '95 becuase they worked and there was
> software for both PCs (to read the cpm disks) and the kaypro (to read 350k
> dos) disks!
> I still use mine along with my PX-8 as I have them and they work.
> Allison

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