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Date: Wed Sep 15 18:54:57 1999

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> The big problem is it requires a special cable, fairly easy to make if you
> have the parts though. I don't happen to have the pinout handy.

Hi Zane; I don't understand; Jim and Chuck said that the pin-out was
standard... why do you need a special cable?

> You'll want a copy of the following file. It won't help much/any for 3rd
> party boards but you should find most DEC Q-Bus and Unibus boards listed.
> The good news is this is a DELQA, which is the ethernet controller still
> supported under OpenVMS.

Thanks for the pointer!

> The RD53 is ~73Mb, normally though it's a paper weight. I've gotten 3 of
> them that worked, the next day two of them didn't. DO NOT TRUST THIS DRIVE.
> Unfortunatly it doesn't sound as if this system has a TK50 drive, they're
> kinda hard to miss ;^)

Yes, there's nothing but the hard drive in the front.

> Well, assuming the CPU card is a KA630, you've got a MicroVAX II like you
> said ;^) Nice machines. I don't think you mentioned which chassis you've
> got, but something tells me it might be a BA23 instead of the larger BA123.

How can you tell one from the other? This has four horizontal front bays
and one vertical; it is rated at 8.8A, 690W at 120V. The whole thing
measures about 24" (height) x 13" (width) x 27" (depth)

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