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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Sep 15 20:38:31 1999

>> Well, assuming the CPU card is a KA630, you've got a MicroVAX II like you
>> said ;^) Nice machines. I don't think you mentioned which chassis you've
>> got, but something tells me it might be a BA23 instead of the larger BA123.
>How can you tell one from the other? This has four horizontal front bays
>and one vertical; it is rated at 8.8A, 690W at 120V. The whole thing
>measures about 24" (height) x 13" (width) x 27" (depth)

That's the BA123, they're my favorite DEC Q-Bus Chassis! Lots of room for
expansion, and easy to get at stuff. Though as I learned a week and a half
ago when I got the side panel I was missing the side panels make a good
puzzle :^)

The system probably had a TK50 at one point in that empty bay you mentioned.

>Which if the drives that Dave mentioned is considered reliable?
>(repeated below)
> RD50 5mb Seagate ST506
> RD51 10mb Seagate ST412
> RD52 35mb Quantum Q540
> RD53 71mb Micropolis 1325
> RD54 159mb Maxtor XT-2190
> RD31 21mb Seagate ST225
> RD32 42mb Seagate ST251

Well, the RD50-52 and RD31/32 are really to small to be of use, thankfully
the RD54 seems to be a fairly good drive. I personally believe that the
best answer is to get a 3rd party ESDI controller or get really lucky and
get a SCSI controller (you don't want to know what they cost).

BTW, I liked your comments about OpenVMS and NetBSD. I'm a firm believer
of running VMS on these systems (though I've got to admit I'm thinking of
installing Ultrix).

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