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Date: Fri Sep 17 08:14:30 1999

> Thanks for the morale booster, but this thing's awfully weird. None of
> the normal chevron prompt commands work and I can't find a listing of them
> on the net. b [dev] or b/1 [dev] are the only commands I've gotten to do
> anything yet. no help, etc. at least the 3100s had 'sho dev'!
> Hella cryptic.

Well if it's a MicroVAX then thats normal. There is a very limited
command set that resemble a low level debugger and nothing of the
capability of the 3100s capabilities. Attributable to it being older and
having less ROM. If it boots anything (or tries to) the hardware is
likely ok and then it's a matter of either cracking the password or
installing an OS.

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