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From: Jacob Ritorto <>
Date: Fri Sep 17 11:22:37 1999

Hey all!
        I tried both break-in procedures again and it finally gave way! I
removed the system password and reset all the sysboot variables to
original, booted it up and now it's all cool. I don't know why those
breakins failed the first time through... Maybe crust on the disk or
something. I'm pretty sure I did evertyhing the same; I was following the
directions explicitly.

Thanks for the prodding, Allison and Eric.
Thanks for the printerMMJ/console/HALT button tip, Roger.
Thanks for the hardware heads-up, Dan. (I'll be in contact soon; hope the
storm went by OK.)

mucho gratitude..


[[for the voyeuristic, see dialogue below...]]

KA60 V1.1
 5 01010004 L2003 4 ? V1.1
1 SSC 00000001
2 DZ 00031200 ?
3 NI 19210770 ?
4 SCSI 00000901
5 SYS 00000001

 7 01010002 L2004 3 ?? V1.1-B
1 GFX 80000122 ??

Tests completed.

CPU08 >>>b/1 dka
VMB V1.0



   VAX/VMS Version T5.4-4G1 Major version id = 1 Minor version id = 0

%SMP-I-CPUBOOTED, CPU #11 has joined the PRIMARY CPU in multiprocessor operation
waiting to form or join a VAXcluster system
%VAXcluster-I-LOADSECDB, loading the cluster security database
%MSCPLOAD-I-LOADMSCP, loading the MSCP disk server
%CNXMAN, Proposing formation of a VAXcluster
%CNXMAN, Now a VAXcluster member -- system LASER
%CNXMAN, Completing VAXcluster state transition
$ spawn
%DCL-S-SPAWNED, process SYSTEM_1 spawned
%DCL-S-ATTACHED, terminal now attached to process SYSTEM_1
$ _at_sys$system:startup
$! Copyright (c) 1990 Digital Equipment Corporation. All rights reserved.

%MSCPLOAD-I-CONFIGSCAN, enabled automatic disk serving
%MSCPLOAD-I-CONFIGSCAN, enabled automatic disk serving
%SET-I-NEWAUDSRV, identification of new audit server process is 2020008C
%RUN-S-PROC_ID, identification of created process is 20200091
%NCP-I-NOINFO, No information in database
%RUN-S-PROC_ID, identification of created process is 20200095
%JBC-E-NODSTQUE, no such destination queue
Job LICENSE_LOAD (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 668) started on LASER$SYSTEM
Job MNT_DISKS (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 669) started on LASER$SYSTEM
  DAILY SYSTEM 621 Holding until 28-AUG-1992 00:00
  DAILY SYSTEM 622 Holding until 28-AUG-1992 00:00
  DAILY SYSTEM 623 Holding until 28-AUG-1992 00:00
Job SYS_LOGNAMES (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 670) pending
     pending status caused by queue busy
Job LSE$STARTUP (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 671) pending
     pending status caused by queue busy
Job SCA$STARTUP (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 672) pending
     pending status caused by queue busy
Job PCA$STARTUP (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 673) pending
     pending status caused by queue busy
Job EMACS_START (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 674) pending
     pending status caused by queue busy
Job DVLMNT_LOGNAMES (queue LASER$SYSTEM, entry 675) pending
     pending status caused by queue busy
%RUN-S-PROC_ID, identification of created process is 2020009F
%DECW-W-BADVALUE, SYSGEN parameter WINDOW_SYSTEM is 0, should be 1

       These SYSGEN parameters must be reset for DECwindows to start.
       You can request that this procedure use AUTOGEN to change these
       parameters and reboot your system. If you do not want to reboot
       your system now, you can defer these changes. DECwindows will not,
       however, start until the SYSGEN parameters are modified.

       To run AUTOGEN at a later date, enter the following command:

            $ _at_SYS$UPDATE:AUTOGEN getdata reboot check_feedback

Do you want the system to run AUTOGEN for you [YES]? n
%DECW-F-BADPARAMS, DECwindows cannot start
%SET-I-INTSET, login interactive limit = 64, current interactive value = 0
  27-AUG-1992 22:21:24
  Process SYSTEM_1 logged out at 27-AUG-1992 22:21:26.30

  Accounting information:
  Buffered I/O count: 2548 Peak working set size: 965
  Direct I/O count: 988 Peak page file size: 4176
  Page faults: 22220 Mounted volumes: 0
  Charged CPU time: 0 00:01:18.81 Elapsed time: 0 00:03:39.36
%DCL-S-RETURNED, control returned to process STARTUP
$ set default sys$system
$ dir sysuaf.dat



Total of 1 file.
$ run sys$system:authorize
UAF> modify system /nopassword
%UAF-I-MDFYMSG, user record(s) updated
UAF> exit
%UAF-I-DONEMSG, system authorization file modified
%UAF-I-RDBNOMODS, no modifications made to rights data base
$ reboot

        SHUTDOWN -- Perform an Orderly System Shutdown
                    on node LASER

[rebooting stuff snipped]

        Welcome to VAX/VMS T5.4-4G1

Username: SYSTEM
        Welcome to VAX/VMS version T5.4-4G1 on node LASER
    Last interactive login on Thursday, 27-AUG-1992 22:23
    Last non-interactive login on Thursday, 27-AUG-1992 22:31

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