eBay auction rules for ending

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Fri Sep 17 12:27:50 1999

Chuck McManis wrote:

> AThis agrees with my statement. Note that you do not have to cancel bids if
> the reserve was not met and you don't want to sell. And your "valid reason"
> need be nothing more than you felt like it. Yes, you are obligated to sell
> to the legitimate high bidder (which presumably happened in the HP2114 case)
> --Chuck

exactly right and no one will see that you did this except in the history for the
one item, which is kept for only a few months. you get get the shaft if a reserve
item doesn't sell though because you get nailed with the extra reserve fee.

I end auctions of mine all the time because all I want to do is get one bid for
the minimum amount posted and move the item rather than get rich on an otherwise
useless item that someone could put to good use at a reasonable price. On a few
items that did move along better than expected (way high bid) I've even paid the
shipping instead of adding it on, even though my final value fee was against the
actual price it closed at.

the rules there are essentially guidelines, not a way for someone else to tell
you how you will do something. If they were eBay wouldn't be where it is today.
Anyone want to buy a good used kidney <g>
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