PDP 11/70s For Sale

From: Daniel T. Burrows <danburrows_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Thu Sep 23 21:25:38 1999

Sounds like a few people need to do a subfeed like I did for the test beds here.
100A dedicated panel mounted directly behind the 9 bay 6 foot tall rack. That
panel will one day be fed from the 10KVA UPS I just have to get new batteries

This sub feed is off a 200A feed that is for my office only.

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> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, you wrote:
> >Well, what's the physical requirements of that 11/70 machine
> >(functional state, power etc?)
> Well, the 11/70 processor itself is a chassis that takes up half of a 6'
> rack. It pulls out and the boards go in vertically into the left side,
> co-planar with the front of the rack.

Groan...to have complete system needs one rack... that pretty large
by my space standards. But my eyes lits up on that 70 lights...

Which series is most compact (sized for desktop or tower style) pdp
or vax and only needs one wall power cord to run whole thing
(including storage built in).

Current draws snipped. Even I did manage to bull through my parents
and did gotten that 11/70, breakers will trip every time I power just
the cpu itself up. I throw out flames at my parents every time they
accidently tripped the breaker with that ac unit making my computer
go out, all plugs in my bedroom and few in living room including my
alarm clock and shop computer go dead. I hated this apt even it's
located in nice location, nice people. But I do have 2 negatives
about this apt, floor is very bouncy for a uneven cement floor (too
thin?) and too few breakers on too many circuits attached. Landlord
turned down the request to put insolated circuit and a breaker just
for ac even we did pay the electrican ourselves. Lots of space in
that breaker box, 5 spaces left actually.

> Well worth it, though...upwards of seventy LEDs on that front panel, all
> merrily blinking away...fast machine, too. An excellent design. I *will* own
> another one someday.

Thanks. :-)


> -Dave
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