PDP 11/70s For Sale

From: Mark Green <mark_at_cs.ualberta.ca>
Date: Thu Sep 23 21:48:07 1999

> Groan...to have complete system needs one rack... that pretty large
> by my space standards. But my eyes lits up on that 70 lights...
> whew!

Actually an 11/70 in one rack would be one of the smaller
configurations. I've seen them occupy 3 and 4 racks.

> Which series is most compact (sized for desktop or tower style) pdp
> or vax and only needs one wall power cord to run whole thing
> (including storage built in).

If you are looking for a small 11 consider one of the qbus
systems. These tend to be much smaller. You can get an
11/23 or 11/73 in a largish desk top of tower configuration.
And they even run off of a standard wall outlet! Since these
systems are more modern they use a higher level of integration,
thus giving smaller size and lower power requirements. They
are also a lot cheaper to ship!

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