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Date: Thu Sep 23 05:44:33 1999

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> This sub feed is off a 200A feed that is for my office only.
> Dan

Doesn't work too well in any apts like I'm in.

To clarify:

15A breaker = one whole bedroom (mine) plus 3 or 4 outlets in
living room. 27" tv, full set of stereo system (not loud kilowatt
amp, just family kind), in my bedroom consists of: 2 computers w/
own monitors, 2 60W lamps in bedroom usually on for brightness and to
keep cheer in a room during fall/winter/spring seasons. Also that
ancient digital alarm clock and that cable modem.

Every time that happens, it's the ac that kicks the bucket and
everything falls down. A/C is fine if anyone wondering.

There are two breakers for just regular outlets in whole apt, others
is everywhere else as "per" the city codes. Yep right!

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