PDP 11/70s For Sale

From: CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com <(CLASSICCMP_at_trailing-edge.com)>
Date: Fri Sep 24 08:34:58 1999

>Didn't check the MicroPDP-11 book on this one. All the 11/53 boxes I've
>seen either had 11/23B or the earlier no ram-nonPMI 11/73 cpu in them.

Well, then, none of those were actually 11/53's :-).

It reminds me of the folks who have a MicroVAX system living inside
a BA23 or BA123 with the "Micro PDP-11" badge on front of it. The
badge doesn't mean a damn thing, it's what is living in the box
that counts!

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