7900A drive: 1 , Me - 0 also - 7908 available possibly? + email address change...

From: Jay West <jlwest_at_tseinc.com>
Date: Fri Sep 24 09:05:27 1999

Oh, and by the way, the score seems to be 7900A: 1, me: 0.9 now <grin>

You wrote....

> Jay, have you checked the mechanics? I have a similar vintage HP drive
> 2870A - OEM was Iomec) which had
> a mechanical spring-loaded mechanism for unloading the heads. I found
> my was pretty gummy with old
> lubricant, and had to clean it up / degrease it before it would operate
> properly

The unload mechanism on the 7900A is entirely electrical, not mechanical.
But - thanks for the tip!

>(Fortunately for me, I recognized
> this _before_ I loaded the heads the first time.

I sincerely wish I had been so lucky! (then I wouldn't be faced with getting
the top heads recontoured now) :)

I'm taking vacation all next week, so I plan to revisit the 7900A and
hopefully finish it off. One thing I'm wrestling with now - I need to
thoroughly re-clean the inside of the drive. Any cloth I've tried around the
house doesn't seem to be "lint-free", and leaves many little threads and
stuff behind. Has anyone found any common cloths that don't do this? I was
wondering about an old undershirt, etc. Ideas?

Also - I had heard there might be a 7908 drive available from a private
email (NOT for sure yet). If so, anyone interested? Of course, again - if
anyone knows where I can get another 7900A or two, PLEASE let me know!

Finally, I just got around to setting up a second email address for personal
mail rather than business mail. They are:

Work email: jlwest_at_tseinc.com
Home email: west_at_tseinc.com

If anyone has me in their addressbook, please change the jlwest address to
west. I only check the home email when I'm at home though, so if you want a
response during the day feel free to use the old jlwest address.


Jay West
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