Nuke Redmond!

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Date: Wed Apr 5 22:37:08 2000

Huw Davies wrote:
> I was at the Programming sectin of the local Computer Book store last
> week, only to discover that "Programming" == Visual Basic, C on Windows
> and that's about it.

Don't you know, being able to write in Visual Basic is what all computer
professionals aspire to! Rumor has it Windows 2000 was written in Visual

> I wonder what I learnt at Uni should be called? I used to program in Algol
> (60 and 68), Pascal, BCPL, Simula-67 and BLISS-10... At least one of them
> is still current!

OK, I give up. Which one? I'm not aware of Microsoft having any Windows
software by those names, therefore they don't exist, and never did!


PS let me just say for the benefit of anyone new here, I'm joking folks!
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