iOpener Update

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Wed Apr 5 22:38:43 2000

I think it's ironic that the only person I've heard from after the initial
slashdot-motivated rush on the iOpener with a *positive* experience is
John Wilson - who ordered his directly from Netpliance. It seems that the
extra $30 for shipping was much less of a nuisance than all of the
gobbledy-gook that's gone on since...



On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, allisonp wrote:

> >I just left CC and they would not sell me the demo unit saying that had to
> >RETURN ALL the old units they had for the new model. Makes me think they
> >had some ones in stock. And they will not take orders for the new model
> >right now. SUCKS
> I would have faced them down using BAIT and SWITCH as the cause. Which
> is what is being done. I plan to drop in on CC friday after work likely to
> cancle
> as things is getting to be more of a project if it progresses along the
> current
> path. I have other projects I need tp put the time to. Unlike some I paid
> in full,
> so I feel I can demand product under conditions at time of sale, 3/13! All
> in all
> a big pain.
> Allison
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