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From: John Allain <John.Allain_at_donnelley.infousa.com>
Date: Thu Apr 6 09:54:36 2000

>From: healyzh_at_aracnet.com

>> If you want to dog somebody, the go after DEC, (God be thanked that
>> gone!) with their antiquated technology always a generation behind
>> else and with their ridiculous prices.

>Um, you do know that's flame bait in this group, and Microslop roasting is
>regular hobby here? Personally I'll willingly pay more if it means I've

I can't believe some of the threads on this list. One is the
OTpener, an other is DEC roasting. I used DEC 1980-1989 and
Windows 1994-2000 and I think I crashed the DEC Once in that
whole time. When I reported it the DEC engineers appeared
gratis and the crash didn't happen again. I would constantly
discover things about the DEC software that would bring new
positive surprises (Oh it does that too?) (THAT can even work?)
Another big plus: their documentation was clear and open.

With windows it's more like (What's it doing now?... wait...
wait... crash). With MS the surprises are 90% negative
and the positive ones (few) are finding after much trial
and error (No, do This first, then that.) that advertised
features can be used productively, but never easily.

  DEC was quality at quality prices.
  I think there's Another scandal awaiting MS
     regarding reliability.
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