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Date: Sat Apr 8 16:15:45 2000

Depends on the make how to remake the clock batt. The SG Thompson chip I
retrofitted a batt onto had the leads on the right side of the chip and
they were easily exposed with a knife.

The dallas chips are constructed a bit differently with no gap between the
sram on the bottom and the batt/oscillator in the epoxy 'brick' on top.
The dallas chips are often 'missing' a few pins. Those pins are likely
bent upward and are the leads for power, ground and oscillator
connections. The dremel drill will likely clear a path but you are going
to have to take each model chip and learn how it is constructed to fix it.
It is perfectly ok to use a 'clone' batt to power the sram. I used a
4.5volt batt I scrounged from a 286 to power the sg thompson chip while I
waited for the Dallas to arrive.

Still, it is far easier to just replace the thing. I had to hang a batt
on the old one because it was very difficult to find the correct
replacement part. I hear they won't really be in the channel til next
year! I got mine straight from Dallas and they had nearly none. I might
have gotten thier last DS1642!

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