Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

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Date: Tue Apr 25 00:05:52 2000

> Well, I've been running DEC equipment now since... Easter. ;-) So I don't

It's the 1GB drive that always gives me trouble!

> have all the nomenclature mezmerized *just* yet... ;-) However, I did just
> snag 2 RZ26's today, so I might swap out the RZ25 for a little more room...

It depends on how many layered products you want, and how many 3rd party
programs you want. A RZ25 is actaully fairly roomy. Still I've got my
setup clustered so most of my stuff is on a couple disks.

> Not to sound like a jerk, but MacOS? I realize it was the first (well,
> mass-produced) GUI, etc, etc, etc, but I found it rather deflating &
> powerless after cutting my teeth on OS-9...

Well, what can I say, I like it because it is so simplistic! Not a lot to
tweak, so I can actually get something done when I'm using it instead of
spending all my time playing with the OS :^) As a result I'm kind of
worried about Mac OS X being to powerful!

I've also found the apps on the Mac to be the most consistent between
programs and even publishers.

I got my first Mac in '95 when Windows '95 came out and I lost faith in
OS/2 (thanks mainly to the horrible quality of the commerical apps such as
Lotus Smartsuite). I quickly came to appreciate how non-Tweakable it is.

Besides if you add 'eXodus' it makes a great front-end to an OpenVMS

> >So is it a CONDIST? Even with the Hobbyist CD's it's very nice to have a
> >set of the CD's as there is a lot that is left out!
> The person I got the machines from worked for Digital for years before they
> got bought by Compaq, and VMS is his favo[u]rite OS. Although one of the
> CD's is the freeware CD, I don't think it's the hobbyist set, as there's 11
> software CD's in the distribution. Is the hobbyist set marked as such, or
> are they indistinguishable from a normal set?

Sorry should have been clear, the Hobbyist CD's are two CD's, one VAX, one
Alpha. It really sounds like you've got a fairly recent (since it's got
OpenVMS V7.1) CONDIST. I assume that most of the disks are labled 1 of 10
and such. I'm also guessing that the Freeware CD is V3. You've got enough
software there to keep you going for *ages*.

Sounds like you've got enough stuff to play with that you're going to want
to use one of them RZ26's :^)

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