Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 14:05:37 2000

Rumor has it that may have mentioned these words:
>> Well, I've been running DEC equipment now since... Easter. ;-) So I don't
>It's the 1GB drive that always gives me trouble!

So, should I not install it? Or does it give you trouble as it's not big
enough??? ;-)

>It depends on how many layered products you want, and how many 3rd party
>programs you want. A RZ25 is actaully fairly roomy. Still I've got my
>setup clustered so most of my stuff is on a couple disks.

Well, I want to run DECwindows (for my wifey...) and I want to be able to
program in Basic & maybe C.

[re: MacOS]
>I've also found the apps on the Mac to be the most consistent between
>programs and even publishers.

That's true... most apps for WinBlows are pretty consistant too, tho... as
in they consistantly suck... ;-)

>Sorry should have been clear, the Hobbyist CD's are two CD's, one VAX, one
>Alpha. It really sounds like you've got a fairly recent (since it's got
>OpenVMS V7.1) CONDIST. I assume that most of the disks are labled 1 of 10
>and such. I'm also guessing that the Freeware CD is V3. You've got enough
>software there to keep you going for *ages*.

Erm... not sure what the Version is on the freeware CD, but I can tell you
that I have the December 1998 distro of VMS 7.1. Erm... and I got it
installed last night!!! ;-)

Now all I need to find is a URL for a quickie command reference to find how
to do the menial stuff... like change directories and whatnot. From DEC's
"cover letter" that was tossed in with my software, I found out how to
mount a CDrom (and I did!) but I couldn't find out how to actually access
the disk. (Well, I had one of those short 12-hour days, and I was quite
tired so after I got VMS installed I only plinked for 5-10 minutes or so
before I shut it down.)

I do have all the documentation on CDrom, but it doesn't do me a hill
o'beans worth if I can't access them! ;-)

(I did find the "Show Mem" command, and was suprised on how economical VMS
was, and it seemed to give quite a bit of info!)

Anyway, thanks again for all the help, and before long there'll be another
DEChead floating around the ranks... ;-)

(BTW, how long does it take for DECUS to process a basic application?)

Thanks again, all!
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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