Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

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Date: Tue Apr 25 07:31:03 2000

> I do agree - but the machine (at least for now) won't have a heavy load,
> and as I don't have a ton of free time, I want an OS that's a little
> snappier... hence my desire to run VMS. ;-)

I like VMS because it doesn't know what crash is and when you drop an
elephant load on it nothing bad happens other than you wait a bit.

> Yes, I have 4 of them now... ;-)

Almost as amny as me. At my peak I have 15 of them(3100s).

> Well, the install was quite painless (better than Win98 by a longshot) but
> rather slow due to the slower CDROM and whatnot...

Yes any may only have to do it once, ever.

> The person I got the machines from worked for Digital for years before they
> got bought by Compaq, and VMS is his favo[u]rite OS. Although one of the
> CD's is the freeware CD, I don't think it's the hobbyist set, as there's 11
> software CD's in the distribution. Is the hobbyist set marked as such, or
> are they indistinguishable from a normal set?

Ah you got the DECUS freeware CD, great. Wanted one but they ran out of

VMS 7.1 has support for TCP/ip, something to help you exploit them PCs.
Also when you do the install leave in DECwindows as you can use that
with an Xterm. I do that with a vt1200, rather nice being able to connect
to any one of 8 Vaxen from one point.

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