Another VaxStation 3100 revisited...

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 14:43:15 2000

>Rumor has it that may have mentioned these words:
>>> Well, I've been running DEC equipment now since... Easter. ;-) So I don't
>>It's the 1GB drive that always gives me trouble!
>So, should I not install it? Or does it give you trouble as it's not big
>enough??? ;-)

Argh, I'm being unclear again and confusing people. Sorry about that.

By trouble I meant remembering what the proper designation for the drive
is, not that I have problems with them. I say install it.

>Erm... not sure what the Version is on the freeware CD, but I can tell you
>that I have the December 1998 distro of VMS 7.1. Erm... and I got it
>installed last night!!! ;-)

Foggy brain on my part, but I think it's V3, as I believe V4 was released
with OpenVMS V7.2

>Now all I need to find is a URL for a quickie command reference to find how
>to do the menial stuff... like change directories and whatnot. From DEC's

Here is some quick stuff:

set default dka300:[000000] <----the 'root' of the disk dka300:
set default [-] <----back one directory
set default [.somedir] <----move into the somedir dir located under
                                  current dir
set default [bin] <----move to bin dir located under root of
                                  current disk

help <----Help
dir <----directory

Sounds like what you really want is to hit a used bookstore and find a book
on using OpenVMS.

>I do have all the documentation on CDrom, but it doesn't do me a hill
>o'beans worth if I can't access them! ;-)

Yeh, need DECwindows running.

>(I did find the "Show Mem" command, and was suprised on how economical VMS
>was, and it seemed to give quite a bit of info!)

I know, I"m always amazed by what it can do on a VAX.

>Anyway, thanks again for all the help, and before long there'll be another
>DEChead floating around the ranks... ;-)

Good, the more the better!

>(BTW, how long does it take for DECUS to process a basic application?)

No idea.

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