Semicon storage

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 14:35:04 2000

IF you label the front of each drawer with the 1 IC type it holds you'll
need 10,000 drawers. It works fine if you put a layer of the antistatic
foam in the bottom and another layer on top of that, etc, an it also makes
it easy to count what you've got. That way you can have more than one type
of IC in a drawer without mixing them. Moreover, you can put more than one
piece of foam on a layer, thereby allowing more different parts in a drawer.


> >
> >That way you can just label the front of each drawer with what IC it
> >holds.
> I've learned over 30 years that antistatic meaures even for TTL is
> a good idea. However it was about 18 years ago it was proven to me
> that mild ESD hits to even TTL degrades them.
> I line the bins with black foam or Al foil.
> Allison
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