Reviving a MicroVAX II

From: Nick Oliviero <>
Date: Sun Jul 2 13:59:47 2000

David, if you do go the SCSI route, I've got some RZ55 and
RZ57s you're welcome to. Might even have a spare skid floating

Have a couple of RRD40 but no caddies; a later model drive
may be the better choice. In a pinch, I can loan you my
microVMSv4.7 tape (TK50) but I think you can do better.


allisonp wrote:

> Chuck, a SCSI board with one good drive and a CDrom would be likely a
> better
> choice depeding on what can be found. I used this combo CMD200, RZ56
> and toshiba Cdrom.
> Allison
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