VAX 8600's

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 07:31:01 2000

> Mike wrote:
> > I have a lead on a couple of VAX 8600 machines. Are these machines
> > ones that people here consider worth preserving? I'm tempted but I will
> > have to ship them from NC to CA, which I will do if they are worth it.

> They're nice machines, but big and power-hungry. And probably much harder
> to fix than a 780 or 785.

The machine was partly ECL with custom gate arrays (IIRC). The
8600/8650, was in my opinion, the best VAX -- since it's fairly
quick and has all the PDP11 compatibility and supports both Massbus
and Unibus (and has the QBUS front end -- in a custom T11 board with
RT11 and an RL02).

> It would be nice to see some of these preserved, but for my own part I'm
> going to draw the line at 785s.

At least those were Schottky TTL reimplementation of the 11/780 (IIRC).
Rumor says it was done because the 8600/8650 was running late in design.

> Cheers,
> Eric


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