(Micro)VaxServer/Station 3100

From: W.B. <hofmanwb_at_worldonline.nl>
Date: Thu Jul 20 00:42:34 2000

A good soul decided to give me a pile of 3100's. And I know not very much
about Vaxes. So I started digging before I part with most of them. When
booting a 3100 it tells you it is a KA41-2,KA41-A,B,D,E, KA42A or B, KA43-A
or KA45-B
I could not locate a proper list of what is what in 3100's. Lists I found
were incomplete or contradictionary. Anyone?
What I did find however was that in order to get from a KA41-D to a KA41-E
you had to switch Eprom. A MicroVax 3100 turned into a VaxServer this way.
A miracle. What consequences has such a switch for your software? Are you
no longer allowed to do things? Does some software run and other software
Although I have a number of VMS books, I could not locate how to make a
chinese copy of a disk. It is nice to be able to go back after you tried
something hazardous.

Help will be appreciated!!

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