(Micro)VaxServer/Station 3100

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Wed Jul 19 18:09:51 2000

KA41-A MicroVAX 3100 / M10 or M20 (depends on box usually)
KA41-B ?? don't know this one
KA41-D MicroVAX 3100 / M10e or M20e (also box dependent)

KA41-E ?? This one I don't know

KA42-A VAXStation 3100 / M48
KA42-B VAXStation 3100 / M48

KA43-A VAXStation 3100 / M76

KA45-B MicroVAX 3100 /M40

The definitive list is of course the DEC (Compaq) MicroVAX configuration
handbook. There is no so much difference between a VAXStation and a
MicroVAX as you might imagine. Generally the former came with a Color
graphics card and the latter had only on-board video and it was disabled in
favor of the serial port console. Further, differences such as the box size
(tall vs short) often were different models (M10 vs M20) but otherwise they
were identical.

The bottom line is, are you trying to figure out how to write up your Ebay
descriptions or just figuring out what you have? The larger number is a
faster VAX and your fastest appears to be the M40.


P.S. What is a "chinese copy" ?

At 10:42 PM 7/19/00 -0700, you wrote:
>A good soul decided to give me a pile of 3100's. And I know not very much
>about Vaxes. So I started digging before I part with most of them. When
>booting a 3100 it tells you it is a KA41-2,KA41-A,B,D,E, KA42A or B, KA43-A
>or KA45-B
>I could not locate a proper list of what is what in 3100's. Lists I found
>were incomplete or contradictionary. Anyone?
>What I did find however was that in order to get from a KA41-D to a KA41-E
>you had to switch Eprom. A MicroVax 3100 turned into a VaxServer this way.
>A miracle. What consequences has such a switch for your software? Are you
>no longer allowed to do things? Does some software run and other software
>Although I have a number of VMS books, I could not locate how to make a
>chinese copy of a disk. It is nice to be able to go back after you tried
>something hazardous.
>Help will be appreciated!!
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