Using WD40 on a Remote Services Consoles

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Wed Jul 26 15:11:37 2000

Bill Pechter <> wrote:
> The protocol used by the RDC (as far as I know) was very closely held.
> I couldn't get any docs on it in Field Service (I wanted to write a
> CP/M program so my VT180 or Zorba could be a remote console and diag
> loader on the 11/70's.
> I was told they were doing ascii bit flips on at least one bit on each byte
> but I never got the datascope on the line to see what the protocol
> looked like.

I know nothing about the standalone RDC box that's been discussed earlier.
But the 11/70 didn't use that. It used a replacement front panel (without
the usual switches and lights) and a Unibus board. IIRC, it was called
a KY11-R.

The protocol is documented in the manual, and is nothing too special.
Due to some idiot attempting to make their automobile occupy the same
space-time coordinates as mine, a bunch of chinese food was spilled on
my copy of the manual. Assuming that it's still legible, I'll try to
write up a summary when I find some time.
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