Shoddy UPS service! was RE: Announcing... Rent a wreck

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 08:25:11 2000

>If it's used (like an old computer) it's "personal
>effects" and as such any damage or loss claims will be denied.

    That's the most rediculous thing that I've ever heard! I hope they find
your computer lab. If not, then don't give up. Demand to talk to their
supervisor and keep going up the corporate ladder until you get
satisfaction. A friend of mine just shipped some VERY expensive HP
equipment to Japan via UPS and they totally destroyed it in the process. At
first they denied his claim and said that the package wasn't properly
packaged. My friend keep pressing the matter until he got to the UPS
regional representative. He invited him to came out and look at his
packaging equipment (new boxs, a very expensive foam in place machine,
etc). That's when UPS finally gave in and paid the claim. Also we found
found out that UPS never even examined the damaged package, they just
automaticly denied the claim. Persistance pays off.

   IMO if UPS insured it then they accepted the responsibility of paying
for it if it doesn't arrive or if it's damaged. It may be time to talk to
a lawyer.

   BTW don't let the lack of a foam in place machine disturb you. The Mail
Boxs Etc offices don't have them either and they're 40% owned by UPS. Also
your claim isn't related to how well it was packaged, it's about UPS losing
it completely.


At 09:26 AM 7/26/00 -0500, Tony wrote:
>This sounds like a great idea. One caution though -- using UPS between the
>US and Canada may be problematic. I'm in the process of being bitten on the
>rear end because of this. It appears that UPS in Canada will not ship
>"personal effects" to the US, nor will they insure them. According to the
>UPS claims folks in Canada, personal effects includes any item that is not a
>new commercial good. If it's used (like an old computer) it's "personal
>effects" and as such any damage or loss claims will be denied.
>I'm still hoping UPS will find my missing package from Canada (a DEC
>Computer Lab), but if not, I'm out $700 (yep, I got _really_ carried away on
>an ePay auction) and will be really bummed.
>-- Tony
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