Shoddy UPS service! was RE: Announcing... Rent a wreck

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 11:26:20 2000

It's as ridiculous as my horror story!

I once sent a new EXABYTE tape drive for repair, costing about $600. When
it was shipped back to me, it was insured for the cost of the repair, which
insurance was paid for by the repair station at their own expense,
but the UPS delivery person, finding no one at my house, left the package in
the driveway, right by the front door. Unfortunately, it snowed that day,
and the package, white in color was not readily visible, and the 6" or so of
snow concealed it just fine. Unfortunately, I was not aware there had been
a delivery and didn't see the package lying in the driveway. I ran over it
driving my car into the carport.

I haven't used UPS since.


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> >If it's used (like an old computer) it's "personal
> >effects" and as such any damage or loss claims will be denied.
> That's the most rediculous thing that I've ever heard! I hope they
> your computer lab. If not, then don't give up. Demand to talk to their


> >an ePay auction) and will be really bummed.
> >
> >-- Tony
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