An alternative to UPS

From: Eros, Anthony <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 11:25:16 2000

I'll definitely be looking at alternatives in the future. The other shoe in
this is that it appears the shipper didn't bother to insure the package,
despite my instructions to the contrary. Of course, those instructions were
over the phone, not via e-mail, so I'm getting the "you didn't tell me you
wanted me to insure it". Gee, now why wouldn't I want it insured? :-(

-- Tony

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> Subject: An alternative to UPS
> At 08:25 27-07-2000 -0500, Joe Rigdon wrote:
> >>If it's used (like an old computer) it's "personal
> >>effects" and as such any damage or loss claims will be denied.
> >
> > That's the most rediculous thing that I've ever heard! I hope they
> find
> >your computer lab. If not, then don't give up. Demand to talk to their
> <snip>
> Absolutely don't give up! UPS is easily the most snooty company I've
> ever
> dealt with on insurance claims. A colleague of mine back east had to
> hassle
> them for months before they finally paid up on a claim.
> Also, you may want to look at an alternative. I don't know if they
> do
> ground to Canada yet, but I've had outstanding service from FedEx Ground
> (formerly RPS). Nothing I've shipped so far has been lost, or damaged in
> the slightest degree, and their customer service is excellent.
> Perhaps the capper is that I've found they're actually less
> expensive than
> UPS. I've had a shipper account with them for months now. If I drop all my
> outgoing at their depot, they don't even charge me a monthly fee.
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