Shoddy UPS service! was RE: Announcing... Rent a wreck

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 16:41:02 2000

At 10:26 AM 7/27/00 -0600, Dick wrote:
>It's as ridiculous as my horror story!
>I once sent a new EXABYTE tape drive for repair, costing about $600. When
>it was shipped back to me, it was insured for the cost of the repair, which
>insurance was paid for by the repair station at their own expense,
>but the UPS delivery person, finding no one at my house, left the package in
>the driveway, right by the front door. Unfortunately, it snowed that day,
>and the package, white in color was not readily visible, and the 6" or so of
>snow concealed it just fine. Unfortunately, I was not aware there had been
>a delivery and didn't see the package lying in the driveway. I ran over it
>driving my car into the carport.
>I haven't used UPS since.

   That's when it's time to see a lawyer IMO. I don't think leaving a
package in the driveway would be considered "delivery".

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