From: Bill Dawson <whdawson_at_mlynk.com>
Date: Mon Jun 26 19:58:14 2000

-> > It's not enough to just will your collection or some
-> > part of it to the Computer Museum History Center...
-> > unless you also provide for the shipping/transport
-> > of your bequest from wherever it is to the Moffet
-> > Field operation, as they lack the funds to do so
-> > themselves.
-> The best option for the museum folks is to will them "right of first
-> refusal", giving them the option to take what they want.
-> Most museums are cramped for space (like RCS/RI, for example), and
-> them an entire collection often turns into a big headache, if only a
-> amount of it is to be kept.

Sounds like a great way to raise funds for the museums would being
passed up this way. The museum could always auction off what they
didn't need, on site or on the Web, offer on lists like this one to the
highest bidder, etc. Funds raised this way could then go for museum
support, other acquisitions, expansion, public education programs, etc.

I think the vintage computer field is slowly heading in the same
direction as the antique/vintage radio arena, which is fairly mature at
this point. The parallels are significant and I'm sure many of you are
aware of this. We can all learn by the mistakes and achievements made
there and structure ourselves (vintage computer collectors/historians)
/preservationists) accordingly.


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