From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Jun 26 21:51:52 2000

> Sounds like a great way to raise funds for the museums would being
> passed up this way. The museum could always auction off what they
> didn't need, on site or on the Web, offer on lists like this one to the
> highest bidder, etc. Funds raised this way could then go for museum
> support, other acquisitions, expansion, public education programs, etc.

RCS/RI does this alreay (and also because we are moving away from the
micro and workstation arena). Too bad one of our first Ebay customers
turned out to be a big jerk...
On the flip side, we at RCS/RI can not devote tons of time to selling
stuff at auction, so lots of what we get does end up not being sold, but
given away and so forth.

> I think the vintage computer field is slowly heading in the same
> direction as the antique/vintage radio arena, which is fairly mature at
> this point. The parallels are significant and I'm sure many of you are
> aware of this. We can all learn by the mistakes and achievements made
> there and structure ourselves (vintage computer collectors/historians)
> /preservationists) accordingly.

It is actually happening without the need to "structure ourselves". It
happens with all new fields of collectables.

William Donzelli
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